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John is a local artist living in Sale. His paintings, generally landscapes and cityscapes, are distinctive by a specific style he refers to as I kind of abstract impressionism, whereby landscapes are broken into planes of textured colours and shades.




John Wonnacott

A Manchester based artist working mainly with oil on canvas. Patrick studied A-Level at Sale Grammar School, Art Foundation at South Trafford College and degrees in Product Design and Computer Aided Design. After a hiatus of 10 years Patrick has started painting, his influences

Patrick Ollerton

Mancart like to support and promote innovative and creative projects of like-minded artists. In the same way that decoration can transform and develop any existing domestic or commercial property we believe that art and design concepts can enhance your environment. Think of it if you will as 'Interior Development'.


Art & Design

Local Creation

Local Creation, set up and run by local artist, John Wonnacott, aims to provide low cost studio and retail space to creative people in Trafford and South Manchester, to develop a creative community in the area and to create opportunities for local people.


The building – on Central Way behind the former Bricklayers pub – is now open to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and is home to artists, sculptors, day and evening classes, children’s activities and Sunday studio days where you try your hand at arts and craft sessions.  


For further details visit Local Creation’s Facebook page

Studios and Gallery, Altrincham

Influence has caused me to paint what I do - being alive and constantly stimulated by what life throws at me is one such influence; basic human requirements are others that are there as well.

Visually, colours definitely influence my existence and situations, whether it’s something in the environment or on a supermarket shelf  - influence is there. View art and thoughts from Journey Boy here

A number of examples showcasing fine art textured landscape oil paintings from an emergent British Visionary artist Journey Boy


Journey Boy

include Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Jeff Koons and Geoffrey Key.


He describes his style as geometric decomposition, with a pinch of cubism. He also have a passion for the built environment and is currently experimenting with different styles for a series of cityscapes.!


John is also uses a range of other media; photography, screen printing, and mixed media "installations".

John Graduated from Salford University in 1997 and runs Local Creation, a gallery and artists studios based in the centre of